sabato 4 agosto 2018

New Strange Fruit EP is Out Now

Finally, the day of the release of New Strange Fruit has arrived. I'm very proud ot the job and very glad to have worked with tha NC rapper Amon Re The 8th Sign. So, what's New Strange Fruit?

It's the second release from NC rapper Amon Re The 8th Sign. After collaborating with me on one track in October of 2016, which turned out to be the title track, we decided to do a EP together. Amon is stepping out of his creative comfort zone with New Strange Fruit EP, so you will hear a different sound from the NC emcee. Typically preferring a more traditional boom bap style of beat, Amon is searching for a sound and with Dirty Meth's pyschedelic production New Strange Fruit was born. The sound Dirty meth Dopamina develops provides a psychedelic background, while melting with a relaxing smokey atmosphere, and a 90's hip hop wink.

You can find it in all major stores and streaming sites.

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