Hip Hop devout since the early 90's, Dirty Meth Dopamina can be considered a hybrid musician from Italy. Eva's Milk band member for 15 years, he released 3 albums and 2 EP as a bass player (Fuego Records). At the same time, during this period, he founded and developed Hip Hop, a website entirely dedicated to hip hop culture.This allowed him to contact and interview important hip hop figures, such as Onyx, Kool G Rap, O.C. and many others breakers, producers and writers. Since his band was having a hiatus, he started to create his style as a producer. The sound he developes keeps his noise and psichedelic background and melts it with smokey and relaxing atmospheres, with a 90's hip hop wink. This is the base from where he starts for his first official instrumental project, planned to be realeased in 2019.
On top of that, the lucky encounter with MC Amon Re the 8th Sign brought to an inspiring collaboration, which gave birth to a 7 tracks EP  that will be released in August 2018, titled "New Strange Fruit".

For the first time, Amon Re The 8th Sign and Dirty Meth Dopamina plays together in New York in April 2018. More dates coming soon...

Dirty Meth Dopamina hip hop

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